Success! LiVES 1.0 was relased July 22nd, 2009!

LiVES is a free and open source video editor. LiVES mixes realtime “VJ” video performance and non-linear editing in one application. This project will bring the LiVES to 1.0 status and provide important support material.

LiVES budget:

Software development to reach 1.0: $4,500 – Raised !
Development workstation upgrades: $1,500 – Raised !
LiVES instruction manual: $750 – Raised !
Six-part video blog to promote LiVES: $500 – Raised !
LiVES online and t-shirt artwork: $250 – Raised !

Initial fundraising goal: $7,500 – Total raised: $7,950

More information about the LiVES Project can be found at the LiVES home page.

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