Linux Fund Team

David Mandel – Director since 1999

David Mandel is a long time open source Evangelist/Developer with experience in both the public and the private sector. He is Chief Activist of the Portland Linux/Unix Group and has helped organize local open source groups in several states and other nations. Mr. Mandel is known for his work in Geographic Information Systems with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management where he was Chief Engineer on a large long term GIS services contract. Mr. Mandel was involved in a number of start up companies including one he lead which created a family of specialized Linux distributions called Netules. During his career, Mr. Mandel has also done consulting, taught college, and worked as a scientific programmer and system administrator. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, he is interested in international development and has been volunteering time, money, and his open source talents to assist people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Jeremy Garcia Director since 2014 Jeremy Garcia lives in Buffalo, New York and started using Linux in the mid 90's. He founded in 2000 and has been an ardent but realistic Open Source advocate ever since. He's written for a variety of Linux and Open Source publications and participated at myriad related conferences and events. When not online he enjoys running, local sports and being on the water. He's also a bit of a foodie. Jeremy is currently working on expanding The Questions Network.

Ilan Rabinovitch – Director since 2009

Ilan Rabinovitch lives in Santa Clara, California and has been a user and evangelist of open source for over 15 years. He is a co-founder and current Conference Chair of the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), a nonprofit and community run event which provides educational opportunities around open source. Ilan is currently employed by Datadog, where he leads the community and evangelism teams.

Randal L. Schwartz – Director since 2009

Randal L. Schwartz is a world-renowned expert on the Perl programming language, having contributed to a dozen top-selling books on the subject, and over 250 magazine articles. Randal runs Stonehenge Consulting Services, a Perl and Smalltalk training and consulting company and is a familiar face at open source events around the world. Randal is a founding board member of the Perl Mongers, the worldwide Perl grassroots advocacy organization and is currently the co-host of the FLOSS Weekly netcast.

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