Linux Fund helps build ten OGD1 open source video cards for developers

Programmable open hardware graphics device close to production

Corvallis, Oregon – March 30th, 2009 – Linux Fund is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Open Graphics Project to build ten OGD1's for open source developers around the world for the purpose of driver and application development.

The Open Graphics Device v1 is an open hardware prototyping platform based on a fully programmable FPGA semiconductor. The OGD1 features dual DVI-I outputs for exceptional video flexibility and all of its schematics are available under open source licenses. Linux Fund is raising $5000 to build ten OGD1's for developers and by doing so will initiate sustainable production of the board.

"Linux Fund is the enabling parter we've been missing to make the OGD1 a reality." says Timothy Normand Miller of the Open Graphics Project and Traversal Technology

"The OGD1 is the perfect complement to our gEDA/PCB electronics engineering project partnership and takes us one step closer towards truly round-trip open source computing. There will come a time when users take it for granted that they can design open source hardware systems using open source software, running in turn on open source hardware." says Michael Dexter, Linux Fund Program Director

About the Open Graphics Project

The goal of the Open Graphics Project is to design and maintain a graphics card and GPU are are fully free and open source in both design and drivers. The OGD1 is the prototyping platform on which this GPU will be designed and can be used for many prototyping applications beyond graphics. Visit for more information.

About Linux Fund

Linux Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial and advisory support to the free and open software community. Linux Fund has given away over $750,000 to open source events and development since its founding in 1999 using funds earned by its line of rewards credit cards and direct donations. Visit for more information.

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