Linux Fund - Quarterly Report - Q1 2012

March 31, 2012

In an effort to increase transparency Linux Fund will now be publishing quarterly reports that document the projects funded by your credit card transactions and direct donations.

The report bellow covers our activities from Q1 2012 (January - March).


    Credit Card Programs: $6,272.46
    Direct Donations:
    • $2,000.00 Targeted Donations - Various
    • $920.00 Targeted Donations - GNASH
    • $8.01 General Donations
    • (30) Used PCs for use by local students.

Projects Funded Q1 2012 ($3,500)

Wikiotics ($2,500)

Linux Fund funded Wikiotics 2012 Collaboration Workshop to help further the development of free software and libre educational language training materials. Students and educators will receive training on Wikiotics tools so that participants are capable of customizing existing materials, building new materials, creating class groups, and develop the documentation and help resources for future participants.

JQuery Foundation ($1,000)

Linux Fund is a founding sponsor of the jQuery foundation. In March 2012, Linux Fund provided initial funding to help cover administrative and infrastructure costs associated with the launch of jQuery's new foundation.

Events Funded Q1 2012 ($1500)

  • SCALE 10x - Sponsored speaker travel for 10th annual Southern California Linux Expo.
  • Linux Fest Northwest 2012 - Silver sponsor helping to cover infrastructure and administrative expenses of the festival.
  • Libre Graphics Meetup Vienna - Sponsored travel of FL/OSS developers to Vienna so that they may participate in hackathons and development discussions.

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Current Team


    David Mandel (Executive Director)
    Randal Schwartz (Secretary)
    Ilan Rabinovitch (President)


    Michael Dexter

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