BSD Fund

Tax-deductible giving for BSD-related projects and events

BSD Fund is a partner organization of Linux Fund that provides provides financial and advisory support to BSD-related events, development and initiatives. Its formation marks a natural expansion of Linux Fund's past support of BSD projects as the OpenSSH project.

BSD Fund Visa

BSD Fund Visa

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About BSD

Started in 1977, the Berkley Software Distribution or "BSD" family of projects represents quintessential open source software. Highlights include:

  • The BSD Copyright - the de facto family of permissive open source licenses
  • BSD Unix - If GNU's Not UNIX, BSD was UNIX
  • BSD TCP/IP - the de facto network stack that gave us the Internet
  • BIND - the de facto Internet name server
  • Pascal - once the de facto programming language for education
  • vi - the de facto Unix text editor
  • OpenSSH - the de facto secure shell

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