The all-new Linux Fund Visa Card launches today

Portland, Oregon - July 24, 2007 – "It's back, and better than ever" said David Mandel, Executive Director.

Linux Fund began in 1999. Since then, the organization has handed out over one-half million dollars in grants to Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) projects like Blender, FreeGeek and the WikiMedia Foundation.

"We don't represent a wealthy patron or a long-dead industrialist." says Mandel. "Our donations come from engineers, managers, and ordinary working geeks who use the Linux Fund Visa in the course of everyday living. The way it works is actually quite cool. Just by using Linux Fund Visa card, ordinary geeks can participate in serious philanthropy, at no out-of-pocket cost to themselves."

Each time a cardholder uses their card, a donation is made to Linux Fund by the card issuer, U.S. Bank. These donations add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year which Linux Fund then gives out in grants. Linux Fund has donated to new ideas and teams who maintain things like Debian.

"The new card is a clear upgrade from the old card." said Mandel. "There is a new program for College students and another program where the card holder and Linux Fund share the rewards. Most cardholders will elect to give all of their rewards to charity, but some want to split it. That's fine by us, we're pleased to now offer both options."

Beginning today, applications are being accepted online.

Linux Fund will also be accepting applications in person at OSCON 2007 in Portland, Oregon on July 25 – 26, 2007.

About Linux Fund

Linux Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial and advisory support to the free and open software community. Linux Fund has given away over $750,000 to open source events and development since its founding in 1999 using funds earned by its line of rewards credit cards and direct donations. Visit for more information.

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