Linux Fund reaffirms international ties as it expands its Board of Directors

Los Angeles, California – February 20th, 2009 – Linux Fund welcomes three new members to its Board of Directors: consultant and community activist Michael Dexter, consultant and professor Dan Carrere, and developer and community activist Ilan Rabinovitch.

Michael Dexter has used open systems and software since 1991 and worked professionally as a system administrator, web developer and graphic designer for various small businesses in the film, music and automotive fields. Michael has a background in Hollywood film production and was a member of the MandrakeSoft SA, now Mandriva internal IS Team. His academic specialty is open source multiplicity/virtualization strategies and he has presented his research in France and Latvia. He has been involved in active board service since high school and can be spotted at open source events in the USA and around Europe. Michael lives in Riga, Latvia with his wife and daughter.

Dan Carrere has been an open source evangelist and solutions developer for nearly two decades. He is the designer of a number of Information Security devices. He founded early Linux and BSD user groups and has been a professor in universities and colleges for over a decade, working to both create information security curriculum and open source focused courses. Dan provides professional services consulting on information technology governance, security management, and also offers information security certification guidance.

Ilan Rabinovitch lives in Santa Monica, California and has been a user and evangelist of open source for over 10 years. He is a co-founder and current Conference Chair of the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), a nonprofit and community run event which provides educational opportunities around open source. In addition to his involvement with the open-source community, he is a co-founder and a developer at an organization which lobbies for information rights reform. Ilan is currently employed by as Linux and J2EE systems administrator.

Michael, Dan and Ilan join president and board member Candace Ramcharan, executive director David Mandel, and immediate past president Scott Rainey.

"I am proud to see that Linux Fund is on solid footing and that its board is continuing the tradition a strong presence in the USA and Canada, with global ties to Europe, the Middle East and South America." says Linux Fund founder Benjamin Cox.

"Our geographic reach is greatly improved, allowing us to attend events around North America and Europe at very reasonable cost." says Linux Fund executive director David Mandel.

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