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Steak Houses

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You can get steak everywhere... but some places specialize. Clearly, an enduring category for fine dining. A few national chain restaurants included.

Steak Houses
  • Ringside Downtown. Listed on most National Top 10 Steakhouse lists. Original location under remodeling, temporarily at 838 SW Park Ave. Click for current address.

  • Portland Steak and Chophouse Downtown.

  • Jakes Grill Downtown. Part of local chain McCormick & Schmick's. Downtown Portland.

  • Saylor's Old Country Kitchen SE 104th & Stark. Famous for 72 oz steak. Eastside 5 miles from downtown.

  • Salty's On Columbia River (view!), 10 miles North of Downtown. Seafood & Steakhouse.

    Shenanigans Swan Island. Steak & Seafood. View: the Willamette River and Downtown.

  • Kincaids Chain. Downtown.

  • Mortons Chain. Downtown.

  • Ruth's Chris Chain. Downtown.

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Portland loves good food. When you're in town, you should try some. Here are a few of our best. It is by no means comprehensive.

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