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Notable Restaurants

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Notable Local Restaurants,
Selection and listing on this list ranking mostly random, vaguely favoring older and higher-rated restaurants. A very few chain restaurants not anchored in the Portland area are included simply because of quality.

Fine Dining:
  • Genoa Close-In Eastside. Portland's Best Restaurant for 25 years. Reservations required long in advance. Expensive.

  • Jakes Downtown. From McCormick & Schmick's - a chain based in Portland. Expensive.

  • Lucy's Table Northwest Portland Nationally Rated. Expensive.

  • El Gaucho Downtown. Spanish and a lot more. Expensive.

  • Montage Close-In Eastside. High energy, nationally rated. Some people have moved to Portland just to eat here more often. Moderate.

  • Hubers Downtown. Restaurant and Bar. Portlands Oldest Restaurant, still packs them in. Famous for their Spanish Coffee. Moderate

  • The Chart House City View from West Hills. Broadway. Expensive.

  • Heathman Downtown on Broadway. Restaurant and Bar. Expensive.

  • Oba! In the Pearl. High end bar and restaurant Expensive.

  • Higgins Downtown On Broadway. Expensive.

  • Mother's Bistro Downtown. Exquisite Food, Exquisite place. Moderate.

  • Noble Rot Old Town. A wine centric place. Moderate.

  • Doug Fir Close-In Eastside. Youth, energy, music, a million-dollars in decorations. Moderate.

  • Portland City Grill Downtown.30th floor views. Expensive.

  • Meriwether's on the site of the 1905 World's Fair. Moderate.

  • Salty's On the Columbia River, near the Airport.

  • Red Star Tavern Downtown. Magnificent Dining on transit mall. Expensive.

  • Touche The Pearl. Billiards upstairs, fine dining on main level. Moderate.

  • Wilfs Downtown in Union Station. Restaurant and Piano Bar

  • Three DegreesDowntown Waterfront. "Meet, Greet and Eat." Bar & Grill.

  • Campells BBQ SE 85th & Powell Blvd. Top rated BBQ. Moderate.

  • Busters Local Chain, 3 outlets in the 'burbs.

  • Clays SmokehouseClose-In SE on Division.

  • Podnah's 1469 NE Prescott. On public Transportation, about 10 minutes from downtown by car.

  • Albina District. About 10 minutes from downtown by car/cab.

  • Famous Daves BBQTualatin - about 20 minutes from Downtown. Chain.

Cuban, Caribean
Chinese, Thai, Asian
Venture into Portland's Chinatown for Dim-Sum lunch and fine dining. Also:
  • Old Spaghetti Factory SW Waterfront on the Streetcar. A chain started in Portland. There is a Streetcar inside most locations. Inexpensive - $8 meals.

  • Old Wives Tales Close In 12th and East Burnside. Kid play area. Vegetariain and Vegan dishes.

Wild & Crazy
  • Dante's Italian-American food. Showcase for music and burlesque. "One of the best damn bars on earth."

  • Kells Irish Pub Major local hot spot and Restaurant. BIG St. Patrick's Day event spot. Moderate.

  • Paddys See the 25' Wall of Alcohol

Indian, Middle Eastern
  • Swagat NW Lovejoy. Moderate. Buffet Lunch $8. Best Tandoori Chicken in town.

  • Plainfields High-end Indian cooking.

  • Al Amir Oh-wow Lebanese food. Downtown.

  • Marrakesh Moroccan hospitality. Sit on cushions on the floor and eat with your hands.

  • Nicholas Restaurant Family Lebanese & Middle Eastern

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Portland loves good food. When you're in town, you should try some. Here are a few of our best. It is by no means comprehensive.

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