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Restaurant listings can never be complete and/or up to date, but it sure is fun trying.
We've listed restaurants that have been around a while and are thus likely to be here when you return - months or years from this trip.
We've missed a lot of them. That means little or nothing.
Look to media outlets below for reviews of the latest fashion food outlets.
    Notable Local Restaurants
    Most are Portland based, but a few national chains are included because of high quality.

    Steak Houses
    The Steak Houses are a breed apart, so we list them separately, both local and chains.

    Food With A View
    Good food and a great veiw. What's not to love?

    Food Carts
    A new and novel way to experience great food in a big hurry.

    Local Chains
    Speaking of chains, one measure of the importance we place on food, is all of the multi-state restaurants based in the Portland area. All more than worthy of your business.
Apart from sit-down restaurants and food carts, there are also walk-up food experiences that are unique to Portland.
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Portland loves good food. When you're in town, you should try some. Here are a few of our best. It is by no means comprehensive.

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